$%^#!! Miami drivers have the worst road rage

After reading an article aptly titled "$%^#!! Miami drivers have the worst road rage" I felt it was necessary to unleash the beast that drives within me. Miami-Dade drivers are most impatient people on the planet, myself included. If patience "IS" a virtue it would have been run over long ago by a speeding miami-dade bus. Most people living in this diverse city have no tolerance for the other person and it shows vibrantly in the way they treat their fellow drivers. I think for the people of Dade County to change their ways Miami-Dade officials will have to get off their asses and start making public transportation a real alternative for every resident regardless of location. And I mention location because the metro-rail does serve its purpose but only if you live near a station. This means most residents have no choice but to drive to work given the locations of the rail lines. Its also besides the point to mention that there have been numerous plans to extend the line in various directions but all have been shot down by Miami-Dade's elected cronies. If Miami-Dade wants to be a known as a world class city that has been titled "The Gateway to the Americas" and many others; I think it needs to get serious about its need for better public transportation. It really saddens me to think about the new Carnival Center for the Performing Arts being built when our city has so many other glaring issues that could have been solved first. Now the funny thing about that is nobody is going to the center because a lack of adequate parking and patrons being harassed by homeless people! All that money was spent to build the latest and greatest and the better off Miamians are no where to be found when it comes to ticket sales. In short, Miami is all about the hype and just like its drivers only focuses on the present.

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