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People! Take a look at the Ghost Shirt Faction website or face the consequences. It has been updated using nothing but CSS. Drop a comment here and tell me what needs to be changed or how much you hate/like it...


Another day another PB&J sandwich....I hate the pieces of bread at the end of the loaf...
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Damn that was a good sandwich..


Whatever happened to Nine? Cloud 9 & Nine Livez? This MC with a raspy voice always brought the ruff rhyme mentality. In my opinion his two albums are classics. The combination of gritty lyrics and raw beats made him a triple threat to anyones ears. This is one MC that no one should sleep on.
Here are a couple of videos with tracks from both albums.

Nine - Whutcha Want

Nine - Make Or Take feat. Smooth Da Hustler

New Ghost Shirt Tees

Yes, you read the headline correctly! InI & carbon dioxide made some new Ghost Shirt tees. This new design pays homage to the fonts of the Arabic language.
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Since I am quite interested in learning this complicated language expect similiar designs to follow...
Here is a Cat Stevens video that is helping me learn more about the language::

A is for Allah by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)

Coconut Juice with Pulp

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Is anyone else drinking this bomb drink? I think this is the best non-alcoholic beverage I will ever taste. It just narrowly beats Thai teas. Not only is it made from fresh coconuts but it also has real bits and pieces of pulp in it. The kind of pulp that gets stuck in your damn teeth! I can buy this refreshing drink at most publixes and other fine retailers in and around miami. You can check out their site at Reggae Country Style to learn more.

Florida Hip Hop

As you may or may not know Florida is experiencing its best growth spurt in many years in terms of hip hop artists. In the last few years there have been a few local groups rise from the depths below to gain international fame.
Some groups that I am feeling these days are:



Soarse Spoken







Secret Frequency Crew




Rubee Jawbotik

Seven Star



Jabbs & Dubbs

Sol.iLLaquists of Sound

This list comprises just a small group of artists that I have had the oppurtunity to hear in one way or another. If I missed somebody its probably because I haven't had the pleasure of hearing their music..
The SOFLA venues that are hosting some of these artists' shows are:

Roxannes -PS14 - Jazid-Studio A - Churchills - Revolution

Reggae Music

Great ::Podcasts::
Itation Sound presents RiddimCast
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Download podcast here: Riddim Podcast

Check out their site here: itationsound

Some of the best Dancehall and Reggae on the podcast scene. This is the real deal as Dread Lion and rest of the cast do not disappoint.

Another great Reggae podcast is: ZionRadio

Check out their site and podcasts here

These podcasts always get my neck snapping out of position all the time..

Some other artists that I have been listening to lately:
Augustus Pablo, Barrington Levy, Buju Banton, Burning Spear, Capleton, All of the Marleys, Dennis Brown, Eek A Mouse, Gregory Isaacs, Horace Andy, Jah Cure, Mad Professor, Dub Syndicate, Lee Perry, Peter Tosh, Sizzla, Steel Pulse, Thievery Corporation, Collie Buddz...


Eight dollars for a Guinness!
Last weekend I went to this new posh club in the shitty part of the Wynwood district and ended up waiting in line with other patrons to get served with an $8 a beer tab. How is a regular joe supposed to get tipsy with a spending budget in mind? I'm all for spending loot on great alcohol but when it comes to beers, I draw the line at five dollars. Some may call me cheap or pathetic but when the DJ is spinning cheesy indie music and drinks cost an arm and a leg I feel like moving the party to another location. How do they get off charging so much for one when I can go get a six pack for same amount of money. In closing, I guess I need to acquire some taste or learn how to seperate me from my money a little easier. Also, for all you alkeys in N.Mia check out this place for all your beverage needs: Total Wine. This place has the selection on lock when it comes to imports and anything else for that matter. Its literally an Alcohiks paradise.

$%^#!! Miami drivers have the worst road rage

After reading an article aptly titled "$%^#!! Miami drivers have the worst road rage" I felt it was necessary to unleash the beast that drives within me. Miami-Dade drivers are most impatient people on the planet, myself included. If patience "IS" a virtue it would have been run over long ago by a speeding miami-dade bus. Most people living in this diverse city have no tolerance for the other person and it shows vibrantly in the way they treat their fellow drivers. I think for the people of Dade County to change their ways Miami-Dade officials will have to get off their asses and start making public transportation a real alternative for every resident regardless of location. And I mention location because the metro-rail does serve its purpose but only if you live near a station. This means most residents have no choice but to drive to work given the locations of the rail lines. Its also besides the point to mention that there have been numerous plans to extend the line in various directions but all have been shot down by Miami-Dade's elected cronies. If Miami-Dade wants to be a known as a world class city that has been titled "The Gateway to the Americas" and many others; I think it needs to get serious about its need for better public transportation. It really saddens me to think about the new Carnival Center for the Performing Arts being built when our city has so many other glaring issues that could have been solved first. Now the funny thing about that is nobody is going to the center because a lack of adequate parking and patrons being harassed by homeless people! All that money was spent to build the latest and greatest and the better off Miamians are no where to be found when it comes to ticket sales. In short, Miami is all about the hype and just like its drivers only focuses on the present.

msn full article here