+Billy Burr Tirade on Philly+

Bill Burr started to get booed from a group of people in Philly and proceeded to rip the crowd a new one..
part1-video kicks in @ 2:30


Beach Moment..2

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Random Pick Up Line: Baby did you fart, cause you blow me away!

US of A to sell billions of $s of weapons to Middle East?

US to announce massive Middle East arms deal with friendly regimes against al-Qaida and Iran..
Read Full article Here

Fun Facts:
Since 1992, the United States has exported more than $142 billion dollars worth of weaponry to states around the world.[1] The U.S. dominates this international arms market, supplying just under half of all arms exports in 2001, roughly two and a half times more than the second and third largest suppliers. [2 ] U.S. weapons sales help outfit non-democratic regimes, soldiers who commit gross human rights abuses against their citizens and citizens of other countries, and forces in unstable regions on the verge of, in the middle of, or recovering from conflict.

In addition to paying billions of dollars every year to support weapons exports, Americans may also feel the impact of increasing instability overseas. The United States military has had to face troops previously trained by its own military or supplied with U.S. weaponry in Panama, Iraq, Somalia, Haiti, and now in Afghanistan. Due to the advanced capabilities these militaries have acquired from past U.S. training and sales, the U.S. had to invest much more money and manpower in these conflicts than would have otherwise been needed.

O'Brien+Norris=Walker Lever

Chuckys back...

Unleash the Dawg of War..

Check the ending-things get a little steammy off the red carpet..

People love Bon Jovi?

Triumph the insult comic dog

+bollywood steez, thriller style..

This dude put my steps to shame...


(Wishbone Be Broken)

;;;;Machine Drum;;;

[Dick and Bush]

++George W Bush and Andy Dick

"I'm working hard to put food on my family"

Some Hiero 4 ya!

Dan The Automator feat. Heiro - "Don't Hate The Player

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - Catch A Bad One

Casual - Thats how it is

Stephen Colbert - Speech at the White House

classic clips==part1


++Hip Hop Sites with flava++

++The Giant Peach++news updates & more..
-SandBox Automatic-new releases
--Undergroud Hip Hop--new releases
//Turn Table Lab//music & culture

Whats the Altitude?

^Cut Chemist feat. Hymnal "What's the Altitude" Music Video^

Afu-Ra, Jeru, Gangstar, Group Home videos

+Afu-Ra - Defeat



-Gang Starr feat. Nice & Smooth - DWYCK

Dragonfly Jones

give me my money, old lady punk!!

Mannequins Need Some Love 2-XXX

+TONINO CAROTONE - ME CAGO EN EL AMOR - The Godfather of Forbidden Love

Check this guys myspace @:: Tonino Carotone

Phil Hartman aka MR. KEYROCK tribute

Check the caveman lawyer skit...

Beach Moment..1

The look says it all..
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Random Pick Up Line:My love for you is like diareah..it never ends!


+Boogiemonsters - Recognized Thresholds Of Negative Stress+

Watching this video transports me back to the rap city days with Joe Clair & Big Lez..

Jeromes in the House so watch yo mouth!

Mr Lawrence brought the payne everytime he did a character...
I might not know the name but I do know the game!

I'm an international player!

More Quality Links

+Known Gallery+
-Lords of Apathy -
-Bunny Kitty-
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+Mike Giant+
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+Art Work Rebels+
-TSL Films-

Books On Street Art

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+ SABER- Mad Society
Born in 1976 in Glendale, California, SABER had already made his name a visual fixture in Los Angeles by the end of his teens. But it was as a 20-year-old that he completed the painting that would catapult him to the status of a global legend. His piece on the sloping bank of the Los Angeles River is nearly the size of a football field, and can be read clear as day from a satellite photo. In a famous photograph taken by his father just after it was completed SABER stands on the piece and appears as a tiny speck amid a giant blaze of color.

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- Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art - Longtime skateboard artist Sean Cliver put together this staggering survey of over 1000 skateboard graphics from the last 30 years, creating an indispensable insiders’ history as he did so.

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+ Pixação - São Paulo Signature - “The astute analysis which is expanded upon in this volume opened my myopic eyes to a system of writing and ethic of creation that rises above even the most high-spirited and emblematic American graffiti.” Steven Heller

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Scenes - Graffiti in Barcelona
This book is the result of Alberto Scholz’s desire to photograph graffiti as an insider, rather than an outsider looking in. His aim is not purely to document but to "photograffiti", and that demands he be part of the action.

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Autograf: New York City's Graffiti Writers
Almost every artist's face in this 71/2"×101/4" collection of 96 hot-looking four-color portraits (with a few more in b&w) is obscured in some way, reminding us that while some may see these writers as artists, many others, including the police, perceive them as criminals.

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Mike Giant has achieved fame as a graffiti artist, illustrator and tattooist. Black ink is GIANT’s specialty and whether his medium is concrete, paper or skin his signature style - made up of equal parts Mexican folk art and Japanese illustration - is unmistakable.

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Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall
The first incendiary collection of stencils and graffiti from Banksy, presented and bound in a handy pocket sized high quality format. Rarely have art and politics been put to such fine,and overtly public, use. Mix the irony and juxtaposition of John Yates with the beauty of the finest aerosol art, and you'll have some idea of how good this really is. The reproductions are interspersed with an excellent array of quotes, statements, letters and a beginners guide to painting with stencils. Very, very good.

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Graffiti L.A.: Street Styles and Art
Graffiti L.A. provides a comprehensive and visual history of graffiti in Los Angeles, as well as an in-depth examination of the myriad styles and techniques used by writers today. Complementing the main text, interviews with L.A.’s most prolific and infamous writers provide insight into the lives of these fugitive artists. Essential to the understanding of the development of the graffiti movement, this book will be an invaluable source to graffiti fans around the world.

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Fuzz One
Description: FUZZ ONE is the staggering, outrageous, true story of a raucous and wholly unsupervised childhood in the Bronx of the 1970s. Through Vincent Fedorchak's hilarious deadpan narration of a wild existence wrought with adolescent braggadocio, we are taken on a rough journey through a deteriorating Bronx jungle-wonderland where property value was plummeting and kids ruled the streets.

Female MCs

+Bahamadia - 3 The Hard Way

-heather b- all glocks down

Dj Vadim featuring YARAH BRAVO & Blu Rum - Oneself

Mala Rodriguez - Tengo Un Trato

Portishead - Only You

Miami Bass Video


where is this miami club?

Good Reggae Videos1

sizzla feat capleton-jah jah city

Damian Marley feat Capleton - It Was Written

Lee Perry & Mad Professor - Mad Man Dubwise

Del The Funky Homosapien, Barrington Levy & Alex Kapranos-The World's Gone Mad

Documentary on Miami

-Mia Doc

Artist Documentaries

Painting Docs=



Has anyone ever had the urge to paint with a Fire Extinguisher? Have you often thought to yourself what fun it would be to write your name on the side of a skyscraper? Well, if you ever had the itch to write your name in huge letters follow the link to learn this delicate craft.
+How to Paint with a Fire Extinguisher+
Here is a video to give you a visual if one is needed.

Boot Camp Clik videos

Black Moon-2 Turntables And A Mic

Heltah Skeltah-Operation Lockdown

The Fab 5 - Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka

Originoo Gunn Clappaz - Hurricane Starang

Good Hip Hop Video1

Chubb Rock,Jeru & O.C-Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers