Elmer Fudd Aka Necro Aka The Sexorcist - Who's Your Daddy ...

Once again Necro is heating up the charts this summer with his sexocrist track that does not disappoint! In this hot number, Necro aka Elmer Fudd takes hip hop to another level. A true gentleman by trade, Necro rhymes over a nice smooth beat straight from golden age of the beatnik era....with guest appearances by some of the porn industries elite!!

GG Allin on Springer

An Ode to the late great GG Allin. An individual with remarkable music tastes as well as an animal lover, humanitarian, a man of God, and a role model for the youth of America.

"Eat the body of GG"

GG Allin w/ Dee Dee Ramone - Bite It You Scum (1991 - Live)

Holy Shit, Never Leave Home Without Your Video Camera

NYPD Officer Caught on Tape Body-Slamming Cyclist During Critical Mass Ride
Get those cameras rolling so you can catch a cop lying!

part 2

Over a million people have watched an online video shot by a tourist last week showing a New York police officer body-slamming and tackling a cyclist in Times Square. We speak with video activist and archivist Eileen Clancy about the incident and why the city is subpoenaing her organization, I-Witness Video, for hundreds of protest videos shot during the 2004 Republican National Convention

check the I-Witness Site Video for more info

FYI--The cyclist was arrested and charged with assaulting the police officer, which is a very serious charge. So he had two misdemeanor charges, I think, and a lower charge. And the police officer made a statement that he’d been basically run into, deliberately run into, by the bicyclist. And I think you can see from the video that the bicyclist is veering away from the police officer, who’s pursuing this fellow.