Darth Marenghi's "Darkplace"

check it out on Adult Swim.

yo homes

fox news tag banging

partial polar eclipse.

on the way to doogie's doomed wedding in key west,
the irishman and i
parked along the seaside to see some seaweed.

inside the actor's studio.

shot this with a party store strobe light for GQ.

No-Name Twins.

nature is so lovely.

surfer and frauelein.

that flordia t-shirt is collectible.

Masters of Disguise.

It didn't necessarily have to be Halloween for something like this to go down in those days,
but I think here it actually was.
(photo by little eva I believe, with the parks department's D1X.)


PeeWee's Playhouse party in North Miami for some carrots and scallops.


Somehow wind up at Laurie's apartment on 69th Street and the bay,
chit-chatting into the sunrise.
Chilenos rellenos!

peat+mower drive-by.

54th and Biscayne, circa 2004-ish.

multiple sculptures.

this goes way back to the d(ump) place apartment and the little haiti days.
memories of mega-muggy mornings,
waiting for the number nine bus line,
under orange poinciana canopies.
working for the man.
but i digress.
let this photo serve as evidence that
one ben and one corbin are more than enough
at any given moment.

The Forgotten City

The Forgotten City will take you on a ride in the streets of Chicago to let you see the best graffiti this city has to offer. Live bombing, tagging missions, live clean trains painting (really dope!), freights, insides, walls, interviews... all that in this really good graffiti DVD!


Dithers (Double DVD)
3+ hours- The double-sided DVD (plus a bonus DVD!) is the first in a series of visual commentaries of the American contemporary art scene to be released by FIFTY24SF and Upper Playground. Dithers represents the first time many of the graffiti and street artists have been captured on film creating their art. Dithers features one-on-one interviews with the artists in which they reveal personal anecdotes, their artist style and techniques, their struggles as an artist and what motivates them to succeed in the industry. Dithers includes a bonus DVD under the direction of famous street photographer Ricky Powell that includes interviews and studio visits with eight artists: Team, Jest, Kostas, Dalek, Dr. Revolt, SSUR, Seen and Quick; as well as never-been-seen-before bonus footage. Artists featured on Dithers include: Bigfoot, Sam Flores, Kevin Lyons, Bryan Flynn, Jeremy Fish, Stash, Giant, David Choe, Albert Reyes, Tiffany Bozic, Rich Jacobs, Ricky Powell, Joe Jackson, Andy Jenkins, Andy Mueller, Andy Howell, Shepard Fairey, David Kinsey, Gray, Dug One and Zephyr.

Affiti Gray Numero Uno

the video takes a while to load, but it is worth the wait...

Teenagers From Uranus