Eight dollars for a Guinness!
Last weekend I went to this new posh club in the shitty part of the Wynwood district and ended up waiting in line with other patrons to get served with an $8 a beer tab. How is a regular joe supposed to get tipsy with a spending budget in mind? I'm all for spending loot on great alcohol but when it comes to beers, I draw the line at five dollars. Some may call me cheap or pathetic but when the DJ is spinning cheesy indie music and drinks cost an arm and a leg I feel like moving the party to another location. How do they get off charging so much for one when I can go get a six pack for same amount of money. In closing, I guess I need to acquire some taste or learn how to seperate me from my money a little easier. Also, for all you alkeys in N.Mia check out this place for all your beverage needs: Total Wine. This place has the selection on lock when it comes to imports and anything else for that matter. Its literally an Alcohiks paradise.