Child Workforce gets wage decrease..

Onion News Network: Gap's "For Kids By Kids" Line

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007
Gap, Mattel, Speedo, Wal-Mart Products Linked to Child and Sweatshop Labor in China and India
"The clothing company the Gap has announced it's cut ties with a subcontractor found to be holding children in slave-like conditions in India to make clothing sold by Gap Kids. The London Observer revealed Sunday that children as young as ten years old have been subjected to work long hours without pay and regular threats and beatings. Gap began auditing its labor conditions in 2004, years after reports of abusive conditions at its factories first emerged.

The Gap expose is only the latest scandal linking children's products to sweatshop labor. Earlier this year the toy giant Mattel recalled some 21 million China-made toys found to contain lead paint easily swallowed by children. Last week the National Labor Committee in Support of Human and Worker Rights released three reports documenting the conditions for workers making those toys. The reports found forced labor of up to 90 hours a week and pay as low as 46 cents an hour. Aside from Mattel, other companies using the factories include Wal-Mart, McDonald's and the swimwear manufacturer Speedo."

Charles Kernaghan is the executive director of the National Labor Committee, widely considered this country's leading voice in exposing the foreign labor abuses of major U.S. corporations. He joins me in the firehouse studio.
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Shoot 1st ask Questions Later?

The US occupancy in Iraq is becoming more fucked up by the day..
U.S. Soldier Accused of Shooting Italian Journalist Giuliana Sgrena and Killing Nicola Calipari an Italian Intelligence Agent in Iraq. The most compelling part of this story is that US soldiers just opened fire on all occupants in the vehicle.

Mario Lozano defends his actions? He blames reporters for going to Iraq?

I guess this guy has never heard of a war correspondent? This ruthless act seems like another gruesome way of quelling reporters from going to Iraq to get the whole story. What does Mario expect us to do, watch Fox news?

FEMA fakes it.....

Fake FEMA News Conference Explained


Bonobo - Noctuary

Reggae Podcasts Boi!



Richie got that Spice

Richie Spice- Blood Again

Richie Spice- Earth A run red

James Nachtwey is the real deal.....

War Photographer - James Nachtwey

In this engrossing, Academy Award-nominated documentary, director Christian Frei follows photojournalist James Nachtwey into the world's combat zones as he fights to capture the struggles of those who face harrowing violence in places such as Kosovo, Indonesia and the West Bank. Nachtwey skirts through murky politics to tell the stories of the suffering in hopes that he can bring attention to their plight, one picture at a time.

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/////Almost Heroes/////

One of Farleys best movies....

Tomas Goeth to Thy Mayor....

RIP Michael Ian Black....

El Hamburglar......

McLibel- Two People Who Wouldnt Say Sorry
Using carefully reenacted courtroom scenes, director Franny Armstrong brings the other trial of the century to life, chronicling the world-famous libel suit brought by fast-food franchise McDonald's against British activists Helen Steel and Dave Morris. Far from focusing on hamburgers and fries, this fascinating documentary tells the story of two ordinary folks who endure a Big Mac attack of epic proportions -- just for asking a simple question.


bank robbery in hollywood, ca.

Hip Hop FlashBack

Da Youngstas-Hip Hop Ride

The Wascals - Class Clown

In Summation....

Cypress Hill - Dr. Greenthumb

+++++++directed by Estevan Oriol+++++++++++

Cypress Hill - Trouble*****

not a skatepark. bielefeld, germany.

banked overpass island. bielefeld, germany.

unskated [really long] ledge. kiev, ukraine.

fly mourns dead mouse.

shenja, a.k.a. "the russian doll."


hard-drug deal gone wrong here come the cops. amsterdam.

hotdog vending machine. berlin, germany.

russian rabbits. kiev, ukraine.



Foreign Fotos

u.S.S.a. bergen, norway.

Foreign Fotos

dolk che wallride. bergen, norway.

"The Weather Underground"

Details the rise and fall of America's first major terrorist organization the Weather Men. Lots of great historical footage...

A sobering documentary about a group of 1960s "committed freedom fighters" known as The Weather Underground. A radical offshoot of the Students for a Democratic Society, the Weathermen didn't just march or sit in; they rioted and bombed -- not to change the American political scene but rather to destroy it. The organization was part of a global trend of revolution that sprang from the belief that not acting against violence is violence.

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Tometh Goeth to thy Mayor: Undercover

Tom goes undercover to solve Jefferton's awful starch problem!





Monk's protesting met with violence.

La haine clip***

Filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz emerged in 1995 as the writer and director of "La Haine," or "Hate." The film follows three young men and their time spent in the French suburban "ghetto," over a span of twenty-four hours. Vinz, a Jew, Saïd, an Arab, and Hubert, a black boxer, have grown up in these French suburbs where high levels of diversity coupled with the racist and oppressive police force have raised tensions to a critical breaking point. During the riots that took place a night before, a police officer lost his handgun in the ensuing madness, only to leave it for Vinz to find. Now, with a newfound means to gain the respect he deserves, Vinz vows to kill a cop if his friend Abdel dies in the hospital, due the beating he received while in police custody.

Ode to Dudley Dawson...