Here Comes The Neighborhood

Episode 6 - featuring IRAK Crew

HCTN EPISODE 6 : IRAK from Here Comes the Neighborhood on Vimeo.

"The most highly anticipated episode, in our eyes at least, this video follows IRAK crew members Earsnot and Nemel as they paint the Wynwood walls, and a couple uncommissioned works on some of the surrounding buildings.

These two take tagging to a level of high art. Never at a loss for words, Earsnot puts it, “murals and shit are dumb and pieces are stupid but tags are great!”

The building painted by IRAK for Wynwood Walls is inspired by Barry McGee’s tag-filled murals in San Diego, New York, and Sydney, which have been known to stir up controversy and push the boundaries of the grey area between graffiti and Art. Barry McGee was a participant in the first installment of the Wynwood Walls in 2009, but was left with a bad taste in his mouth when the abandoned structure he painted was converted into panther cafe, incorporating his work for their branding. Earsnot and Nemel build on Barry McGee’s tag wall concept by filling the wall with a variety of monochromatic shades of overlapping tags creating the illusion of depth." 12OZ

Episode 5 - featuring Saner & Sego

HCTN EPISODE 5 : SEGO & SANER from Here Comes the Neighborhood on Vimeo.

Saner and Sego two Mexican artists paint the shit out of Wynwood!