C.I.A (Criminals In Action) found Guilty of TORTURE

An Eyetalian judge Oscar Magi has convicted 23 US secret agents over the 2003 abduction and 4 year torture of an Egyptian imam named Abu Omar. This conviction and trial is the 1st in the world to center on the agencies controversial program called extraordinary rendition. This rendition gives the CIA the right to arrest suspected "terrorists" and transfer them to countries known to practise torture. Of the 23 Americans convicted, 22 were sentenced to 5 years in prison while the agency's former station chief in Milan, Robert Seldon Lady, was convicted to 8 years. All of the Americans, however, were tried in absentia. Read more on this article at TIME..Finally, those secret SOBs are getting some much needed Karma...

And a fitting video---Criminals In Action---->KRS ONE and Zak de la Rocha

PS, If Myles O'Stooley aka Blog Master One goes missing act like you know..I might be in a secret prison eating government cheese while being waterboarded..


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