I just got finished reading this fresh interview with the famed graff artist RD out of NYC and it is worth reading. The dood has been in the graff game since the 70s and still bombs on the daily in high traffic areas all around the city. A couple of good quotes from the interview are here for full story

[“You got all these guys, they squash beef with everyone. It’s like Gandhi or something. Why you gonna write? If everything’s all gravy and you’re doing legal stuff, that’s not writing anymore. At that point you’re a muralist; you’re an artist, not a graffiti writer.”]

[Eventually, the workers got tired of patching the fences and got guard dogs. When faced with Rottweilers, who can easily bite off your arm, a frontal attack is never advisable, so RD came up with a different approach. “I was going to poison the dogs, originally. Could wrap up some pills in a piece of some salami or something.” Thankfully, he decided against the drugs and fed the dogs the old fashioned way. “I kinda made friends with one of the dogs. You know, I’d go by and he’d be sitting there. I could probably gain their friendship, give them some chicken wings or something every now and again. Maybe start ridin’ him around the yard or something.” Not only did he save himself from being ravaged, but also his partner enlightened him to the money people pay for such fine animals. So began the great dog-napping. “I’d start stealing the dogs, writing on the trucks. They’d get new dogs, I’d steal them.” Why just bomb trucks when you can also walk away with a few hundred bucks?]
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