Holy Shit, Never Leave Home Without Your Video Camera

NYPD Officer Caught on Tape Body-Slamming Cyclist During Critical Mass Ride
Get those cameras rolling so you can catch a cop lying!

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Over a million people have watched an online video shot by a tourist last week showing a New York police officer body-slamming and tackling a cyclist in Times Square. We speak with video activist and archivist Eileen Clancy about the incident and why the city is subpoenaing her organization, I-Witness Video, for hundreds of protest videos shot during the 2004 Republican National Convention

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FYI--The cyclist was arrested and charged with assaulting the police officer, which is a very serious charge. So he had two misdemeanor charges, I think, and a lower charge. And the police officer made a statement that he’d been basically run into, deliberately run into, by the bicyclist. And I think you can see from the video that the bicyclist is veering away from the police officer, who’s pursuing this fellow.