The Agronomist --Jean Dominique

The Agronomist-A profile of Haitian radio journalist and human rights activist, Jean Dominique. It includes: historical footage of Haiti's vivid and tumultuous past; interviews with Dominique, himself and with Michele Montas--his heroic wife, life-long love, and extraordinary partner; and incorporates footage shot before Dominique's assassination on April 3, 2000
DemocracyNow Article
"Jean L. Dominique, Haiti's most prominent journalist was slain, along with the groundskeeper of his radio station, Radio Haiti Internationale, on April 3, 2000 by unidentified gunmen. Mr. Dominique had dedicated a 40-year radio career to ending the Duvalier dictatorships and establishing democracy in Haiti. He survived years of threats and beatings at the hands of Duvalier’s Tonton Macoutes and was twice forced into exile, the last time when President Aristide was overthrown in 1991, only to die in a hail of gunfire as he arrived at his office for the morning news program.
“Jean Dominique pioneered a revolution in mass media communication in Haiti by embracing Haitian Creole as the medium of choice and giving voice to the poor and the oppressed,” said Jocelyn McCalla, NCHR Executive Director, in a statement released shortly after the assassination. “Many came forward to follow in his footsteps and champion basic liberties and freedom of the press. His death is a great loss at a critical time for the country.”
“The only weapon I have is my microphone and my unshakable faith as a militant for change, veritable change,” Dominique once said.