Enter the Rupert Murdoch dark ages...$$

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Recently, the right leaning billionaire Rupert "I like my pockets phat not flat" Murdoch purchased the Dow Jones (Wall Street Journal-second best-selling newspaper in the US) in a 5 billion dollar deal that made him one of the most influential men on the fucking planet. The news media mogul now has amassed such an empire that he is virtually untouchable. Below is a list of some of the wanker ass companies he manipulates through ownership::

-Harpercollins Publishing- A leading worldwide consumer book publisher.
-Fox Entertainment Group+Broadcasting company= Lots of Television Stations around the US
-Twentieth Century Fox Films
-IGN Entertainment- An Internet video game company.
-New York Post
-Wall Street Journal
-The Weekly Standard- Washington-based weekly political magazine focused on the neocon right-wingers.
-magazines, publishing companies, European & Asian newspapers, film companies, cable companies, etc...